Unmatched Test Results

Test results from the testing lab are often transferred to LifeSite Wellness Pro with no issue.

However, sometimes an unmatched test result will occur. If the name or date of birth an employee/patient provides to the testing lab is different from what is stored in Wellness Pro, this will generate an unmatched test result.

These unmatched test results need to be resolved once before they can be seen.


1. On the Test Results page, unmatched test results will be indicated by a blue bubble at the top of the page. Click Match to resolve your unmatched test results.
2. Select pairs of employees (one each from the Lab Records and Employee Records) and click the Match button in the middle of the screen.
What if I can't find a match for a lab record? You need to first create an employee record for this lab record. Close the Match window, and return to the Employees page to create a new employee.
3. Match pairs will appear in the Matched Results at the bottom of the screen. Once all unmatched test results have been resolved, review all matches and click the Save button.
4. Results for any matched employees will appear in no more than 30 minutes.
Why don't matched results appear immediately? The testing lab updates their test results every 30 minutes.
Will I have to resolve unmatched test results every time I test? No, once an unmatched test result is matched, that match is stored and any future tests for that employee should appear without needing to be resolved.
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