Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security, known as “multi-factor authentication”, that helps safeguard against unwanted access to any login or account. It requires at least two of three types of authentication.

  1. Something you know

    A password is the most common method of security, and something you know or keep in your head.

  2. Something you have

    An email address or cell phone are both something you have or own. With email or cell phone enabled 2FA, a correct password plus a unique numeric code that is sent to your device are both required before granting access to your account.

  3. Something you are

    Biometrics are the third authentication method. For example, many mobile apps like LifeSite Vault are beginning to take advantage of existing fingerprint technology on your smartphone to verify your identity each time you access the app.


Why use two-factor authentication?

While a strong password can help keep your account secure, both usernames and passwords have become increasingly susceptible in hacking and phishing attacks. With two factor authentication enabled, thieves must gain access to your password (something you know) as well as your device (something you have) or fingerprint scan (something you are).

Without your physical factors of authentication, remote intruders won’t be able to gain unauthorized access. This extra step protects against dangers like remote hacking.

You can set up two factor authentication for your LifeSite account in your Settings.

Make sure your digital security is as robust as possible by enabling 2FA on all your accounts!

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