LifeSite Mobile 3.1.2 - What's New?

Every now and then, even the best apps produce some unintended behavior or functionality. And, we're no different! In this release, our 🤓 developers fixed issues around password reset, File Vault, file preview, collaboration, and app stability. Thanks for bearing with us!


Here's a more detailed list of what's changed:

  1. Stronger security for account access
  2. Password reset was not working for all devices/customers, this has been fixed
  3. File preview was unable to display a subset of supported document types
  4. Deleting an advisor would not remove them from your Collaborators list
  5. Collaboration keys were being enforced for Pro/Client collaboration
  6. Menu stopped responding after updating profile picture
  7. Camera/Scanner caused the app to freeze
  8. Renaming a file in a custom File Vault category caused the category to be deleted
  9. Profile photo was missing for some customers
  10. Uploading a file to File Vault was not possible for some customers


If you have any questions about these changes, or you have an issue to report, or if you just need help with a LifeSite feature, please let us know! Just click the Help button inside the web app, or Menu > Help Center > Chat with an Agent inside the mobile app.


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