What is LifeSite for Salesforce?

Collaboratively engage with and manage your client's LifeSite information directly through Salesforce. Learn more

1.  LifeSite for Salesforce

Connect to your clients in a whole new way. Build client relationships that last generations.



2.  Online Safe Deposit Box

Modern “client-first” online safe deposit box

Provision LifeSite to clients and their family to:

  • Help manage your client's life information and documents
  • Deepen engagement with a holistic picture of the family



3.  Perfect for any stage of life

Prepare clients for anything life throws their way

  • Evacuating ahead of a natural disaster
  • Caregiving for a loved one
  • Baby boomer preparing for retirement
  • First-time millennial beneficiary
  • Secure access to information while traveling



4.  Welcome to LifeSite


5.  Integration, Checklists, Sharing, Exchange, and Notifications

Integrations: Clients can automatically enter and update financial life information

Checklists: Guided entry by clients and families for significant life events

Sharing: Clients can invite collaborators like advisors and family members

Exchange: Send documents and messages to collaborators via secure encryption

Notifications: Receive updates on client activity to offer help when needed



6.  Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility 

Clients need their information as accessible as their lifestyle

  • Mobile (Apple + Google)
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Browser
  • Salesforce



7.  Protect your business by protecting your clients

  • Controlled Access: Users control which categories collaborators can view or edit at all times
  • GDPR Compliant: Clients own their own information; LifeSite cannot see or access user data
  • Unique Encryption Keys: Data is locked with personal, unique keys that are constantly rotated and scrambled
  • Ultra-secure: Data is protected with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption at all times



LifeSite: Life's Information, All in One Place 
Contact us at sales@lifesite.co to try LifeSite Pro for free for 14 days.






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