LifeSite 4.0 - Category Map

The new LifeSite has arrived! Take a look at the full list of new features here.


Life Information is now stored in 4 new sections: face__2_.png My Life, heart-pulse.png My Medical, coin.png My Finances, and leaf.png My Estate. We’ve added, renamed, and rearranged the categories in these 4 sections for quicker and easier discovery of your information.


To keep your information from being incorrectly shared, collaborators are blocked from the categories indicated below. Be sure to review all collaborator permissions. For a refresher on viewing and setting collaborator permissions, please see Set and Edit Permissions for a Collaborator in the Help Center.


My Life    
Personal Details Profile
Describe Yourself
Permissions Blocked
Contacts Address
Email Addresses
Phone Numbers
Business Associates
Other Relationships
Permissions Blocked
Emergency Contacts (Contacts) --None--   
Forms of ID Identification Permissions Blocked
Pets Pets   
Accounts & Passwords Memberships
Online Accounts
Permissions Blocked
Service Providers (Contacts) --None--  
Employment Employment History   
Education Schools   
Military Military   
My Medical    
Medical Profile Medical Background  
Doctors & Specialists (Contacts) Doctors & Specialists Permissions Blocked
Conditions Illnesses  Permissions Blocked
Prescriptions Prescriptions   
Immunizations Immunizations   
Surgeries --None-- Permissions Blocked
Organ Donation Organ Donation   
Family History Family History   
My Finances    
Bank Accounts Bank Accounts   
Credit Cards Credit Cards   
Bills & Payments Bill Payments   
Stocks Stocks   
Other Investments Certificates of Deposit
Money Market Funds
Banknotes, Bills, & Bonds
Other Investments
Permissions Blocked
Income Other Income   
Benefits Employer Benefit
Government Benefit 
Permissions Blocked
Assets Other Assets   
Business Interests Business Interests   
Loans Loans   
Debts Owed to Me Debts Owed to Me   
Taxes Taxes   
My Estate    
Insurance Policies Insurance Policies  Permissions Blocked
Vehicles Vehicles   
Real Estate Property Information   
Safes & Safety Deposit Boxes Safes & Safety Deposit Boxes   
Valuables Valuables   
Wills & Trusts Will, Codicil, Trust  Permissions Blocked
Legal Designee (Contacts) --None--  Permissions Blocked
Legal Actions Legal Actions   
Funeral Services & Planning Pre-Planning
Funeral Services
Service Arrangements
People to Notify
Special Bequests
Legacy Communications
Permissions Blocked
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