Create a List of Employees

In order to start viewing employee test results, you'll need to first create an employee list of anyone you will be potentially testing.

This list is used to automatically match test results from the lab to your workforce. It is important to upload an accurate list of your employees before beginning testing. The automated match significantly reduces the overhead for you and your wellness team. 


1. Download our example employee list spreadsheet


2. The spreadsheet file contains the following fields.

Required: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Consent
Optional: Nickname, Employee ID, Email, Phone, Location, Team

  • Consent: Employees will need to provide consent to share their test results with you. Please indicate Y (Yes) or N (No) if an employee has provided you signed consent.
  • Nickname: Maiden names, multiple surnames, aliases, etc.
  • Team: This could be groups like Sales, Marketing, or Products.
  • Location: Distinguish employees by facility, building, or city.



First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth are used to match the employee to their test results. Please be sure the information on your spreadsheet matches exactly what your employee provides during testing.


3. Once you have completed your employee list, upload it to your Wellness account. Learn more


For privacy and security purposes, please do not email your employee list to LifeSite. If you are experiencing problems creating or uploading your employee list, please contact us at
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