Create a Checklist

Before creating a custom checklist, check out LifeSite's Template Library to help you get started.

1. From the Checklists page, Click +New.image17.png

2. Enter a name for your checklist. You can also add a description, tags, and location for where you would like to store your checklist.image43.png

3. To add tasks to the checklist, click the Tasks tab.image6.png

4. To add a Section, click + New Section. Sections are used to separate groups of tasks within a checklist.image27.png

5. Type the name of your section in the text field then click Continue.image31.png

6. To add a task, click + New Task.image15.png

7. Choose a task type, enter the task, and enter a task description. When you are done, click Continue.image47.png

8. Continue adding as many tasks and sections as you’d like. To edit a task or section, click the to the   edit_disabled.png   right of the task or section you wish to edit.


9. In edit mode, you can rearrange the order of tasks and sections using the   up_arrow_disabled.png   and   down_arrow_disabled.png.


10. You can click save at any time to complete the checklist at a later date.image12.png


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