Respond to a Checklist

1. On the Checklists page, all Checklists assigned to you can be found under Assigned to Me.Screen_Shot_2018-11-06_at_2.23.08_PM.png

2. To respond to the Checklist...
     a. Double click on the checklist.
     b. Click Respond from the details panel.Screen_Shot_2018-11-06_at_2.31.04_PM.png
     c. Click Respond from the action menu   vertical_menu.png  .


3. Clicking Done will save your answers. You do not have to complete your checklist in one sitting. You can return to your checklist at any time to complete it and your previous answers will be saved. Screen_Shot_2018-11-06_at_2.32.13_PM.png

4. The collaborator who assigned you the checklist can see your progress. If they have requested that you send them a message once your checklist is complete, do so from the Messages page.

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