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Securely manage and share your most important files and information with family and loved ones.


Life Information & File Vault

LifeSite has four main sections - My Life, My Medical, My Finances, and My Estate. Use the dozens of preset categories within these four sections to quickly organize and secure your important information.

Use Life Information to store personal information like passwords, IDs, medical and financial records.

Use File Vault to store documents, photos, and videos. 



Moving into a new apartment? Buying your first insurance policy? Checklists guide you through questions or tasks related to important life events, saving your answers exactly where they belong. 

Choose from dozens of checklist templates that will prepare you for any situation and stage of life.



LifeSite Plus takes the core of LifeSite (Life Information, File Vault, Checklists) and adds the ability to securely share and collaborate on these pieces with friends, family, and trusted advisors. Communicate important updates to your collaborators through our secure messaging system.

4 Tips Before Inviting

  1. Only send collaboration invites to those you fully trust with your private information
  2. Control what your collaborator can and cannot see in your Permissions
  3. Delete a collaborator at any time
  4. Invite up to 5 collaborators

Add a Collaborator

  • To add a collaborator, all you need is an email address. Your collaborator will receive an email inviting them to create a free LifeSite account.
  • A secret collaboration key will be automatically generated to protect your LifeSite account. LifeSite does not email it to your collaborator, in case their device(s) or email address is compromised.
  • Contact your collaborator directly to pass along the secret collaboration key. Without it, your collaborator will not be able to accept your invitation. 


When adding a collaborator to your LifeSite, you will always be able to control which areas you provide access to. Each section (My Life, My Medical, My Finances, My Estate) or category (Forms of ID, Insurance Policies, etc.) can be set to Edit, Read Only, or Blocked.

Anytime a collaborator accesses your LifeSite, you’ll receive an email and a notification. 


Learn More

Collaborator Permissions
Permission Levels
Set and Edit Permissions for a Collaborator
Request Permissions from a Collaborator


3 Steps After Adding a Collaborator

1. View your Collaborator’s LifeSite

To view your collaborator’s account, use the Collaboration Navigation Bar (CNB). From the header, click on your collaborator’s profile picture in the CNB to navigate to their account.

Remember that you will only see what your collaborator has given you permission to. All categories will have either Edit, Read Only, or Blocked permissions.

How does my Collaborator see my LifeSite?

Your collaborator will see your LifeSite the same way that you see theirs. They will use the Collaboration Navigation Bar (CNB) to access your account.

When you first add a collaborator, you are asked to set permissions for your collaborator with Edit, Read Only, or Blocked permissions for every category. You can update these permissions at any time.


2. Assign a Checklist

Once you’ve chosen a template or created a checklist from scratch, try assigning it to a collaborator. Your collaborator can then access your checklist and share responses with you. Remember, organizing your family’s information is a team sport.


3. Send a Message

Messages on LifeSite lets you instantly contact your collaborators through LifeSite’s encrypted system. When you send a message, your collaborator will receive an email notifying them of the message and then will need to log in to view the encrypted content. 

Download the LifeSite app

Your information needs to be as mobile as your lifestyle. Download the LifeSite app to access your information on your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Android Tablet. 


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